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Family Stories

We love hearing from our families and receiving updates on your kiddos! If you’ve stayed at the House, please fill out your Family Story and send us an update. If you’re currently staying with us, we want to hear from you too.

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Pryor Family

The Pryor family had their world turned upside down after their new son, Jonathan, contracted E. Coli and subsequent complications that brought on life with a trach, g-tube, and total deafness. Faced with the immediate and overwhelming concern for their son’s health, the couple had little thought to spare for where they would stay during his time at the hospital until a nurse introduced them to the Ronald McDonald House.

“Nobody ever has a plan for what to do when their child gets sick,” said Jonathan’s mother. “So, when our family received the unexpected and terrifying news of Jonathan’s health, we had no idea what to do with ourselves. Finding out about the Ronald McDonald house through our nurse was a light of fortune that struck our family during the darkest time of our life.”

Since the Pryors first came to the Ronald McDonald House, Jonathan’s condition has stabilized but many of his health complications will remain for life. For more than two years, the Pryors have kept in close contact with the House and credit their ability to cope with the stress of their son’s journey to the support they’ve received from the Ronald McDonald House.

“Our child has completely changed our perspective about life and is the greatest blessing we’ve received. A huge thanks must be given to the Ronald McDonald House for seeing us through it all and we look forward to continuing to be a part of such a kind and giving family in our future.”

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Nelson Family

For the Nelson family, it’s been a 7-year journey of diagnosis, treatments, and hospitalizations taking them to 3 different cities. Their son Christian has experienced complications and recurring seizures leading to multiple ICU and hospital stays. With a family of 5, Mom Crystal juggles travel, and hospital stays with the two young brothers, Judah and Roman, while Dad continues to work back home. It’s been an exhausting experience.

“We were over an hour away from home and found the Pensacola Ronald McDonald House which has been an amazing experience. I never had to wonder what I was going to feed the kids or myself. At the end of the day, Ronald McDonald House came to our rescue. A volunteer, an employee, other kids, the magic room, or playroom made us feel so at home, a place to be a family,” Crystal said.

The family is going through each diagnosis and hospitalization knowing that they can turn to the Ronald McDonald House for a much-needed break. Being at the House has been a welcome distraction for Christian’s brothers and a comfort to Crystal.

“Our family is so grateful for the Ronald McDonald House. We know we can count on them to be there for families like us, and that gives us so much comfort and hope.”

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