Heart to Heart Program, Giving the Gift of Home
We invite you to participate in the Heart to Heart Program. By giving your gift, you're opening your heart to families with sick children who will have a place to call home, no matter how far away they are from theirs. And you’re establishing a permanent place in the heart of a family for helping when they need it most.

Your $10,000 gift allows you to name one of the 26 bedrooms at the Ronald McDonald House for a year. Make your donation in honor of a friend or loved one and establish a connection that goes far beyond providing a room.

Many of the 1,200 families who come through our doors each year are so financially devastated that they cannot make the suggested donation of $10 per night, and your help makes sure that we never have to turn a family away because of their inability to pay. In fact, it costs more than $90 per family each night to provide the services needed to make our House a home. That's why your support really makes a difference and speaks to the heart of keeping families together.

Commission a Family Story for the House
The Ronald McDonald House is all about families. Every new guest is welcomed with framed family stories displayed throughout the house to remind them that although they’re going through an extremely difficult time, they are not alone. Your gift of $5,000 tells one of the many stories of the house and creates a permanent display in you or your company’s name.

Building Families, Brick by Brick
Ronald McDonald House of Northwest Florida was built to provide all of the comforts of a home-away-from-home. From the spacious kitchen, to the nursing nook, to the indoor playroom, families have everything they need to keep their focus on what’s important; taking care of their child. The colorful playground is surrounded by a tranquil garden area, anchored by a brick courtyard. Your gift of $500 - $1000 for a brick establishes a personal touchstone for keeping families together.