Often times our families are spending countless hours within the hospital to be with their child. We feel no family should have to worry about where their next meal comes from and that's where we need your help! Whether you want to cook a meal at RMHC or bring in a prepared meal from a restaurant or grocery store, you are giving families a balanced, home-cooked meal along with extra time to spend with their child. Opportunities to cook a meal for our families are available at our House and Family Room, please see the chart below to see which location is the best fit.

When can I serve at the House and Family Room?
All meals are served 7 days a week at the following times:
Breakfast - 8:00am
Lunch - 12:00pm
Dinner -  5:00pm

Meal Chart_1

How do I sign up to cook a meal?
After clicking the link for the appropriate location, you will be directed to a website for additional information on preparing or providing meals.

If this is your first time preparing a meal at the RMHC House, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Krystal, at 850.477.2273 or krystal@rmhc-nwfl.org.

 -RMHC House Sign up

If this is your first time preparing a meal at the Family Room, please contact our Family Room Manager, Asia, at 850.477.2273 or asia@rmhc-nwfl.org

 -RMHC Family Room Sign up